Academic Center Forms for Faculty

Your one-stop shopping page for services provided to Avery Point faculty by the Academic Center.

1) Syllabus Collection

All instructors are required to provide a syllabus for their students. At Avery Point, we collect the syllabi in our server–this helps students who transfer to different universities, as well as instructors who are new to teaching a particular course that has been taught in the past. Please use the below form to submit your class’s syllabus–one syllabus for each section you teach. The form allows multiple attachments so you only have to fill it out once.

Syllabus Collection Form


2) Asynchronous Tutorials

The Academic Center is now offering asynchronous tutorials, in the form of PowerPoint slides with voice-over and video from a tutor, for online classes that are fully asynchronous. In place of online synchronous workshops, we can provide instructors with a PowerPoint that can be embedded into a HuskyCT course site and that covers topics we would normally cover during an in-person workshop. We are offering Asynchronous Tutorials for the following workshop topics:

  • Thesis Development
  • Time Management/Study Skills
  • Pre-Writing
  • Concise Writing
  • Citations/MLA Format
  • Science Writing/Lab Reports

Please use the below Asynchronous Tutorial Request Form.

Asynchronous Tutorial Request

 3) Tutor Class Visits

We are more than happy to schedule a visit to your class and outline all the services we can provide to your students. Our Tutor Class Visits are 5-10 minutes and can be scheduled throughout the semester…whether weeks 1 or 2 when students are just beginning, or as a refresher during mid-terms or before that big paper. Our tutors will explain our tutoring and group study options. You may ask for a return visit later in the semester if you want to keep your students connected with us. Please use the below form to schedule a visit to your class.

Request an APAC tutor class visit

 4) In-Class Workshops

Over the years, the Academic Center has developed some innovative workshops applicable to a wide variety of courses. We have workshops on thesis development, organization, peer-review and more! Please click on this link to see our offerings: Available Workshops

Request an APAC Workshop

Please note, the workshops are not a substitute for class; the instructor must be present.

 5) Feedback Form

Do you have any comments or suggestions? Do you feel there are improvements to be made? Problems to be addressed? High fives to give? Please fill out our feedback form. It can remain confidential or you can add your e-mail if you would like us to contact you with follow-up.

Academic Center Feedback Form

Please do not hesitate to contact us at (860) 405-9201.

Have a fantastic semester!

Rebecca, Sarah, Dennis, Jacob, JD and the Academic Center Tutoring Staff