Faculty Service Request Form

Faculty Service Request

Please fill out this form to request assistance with photocopying, scanning, printing, research, or other support related to your program or teaching.

You are eligible for faculty support through this program if you teach at Avery Point.

Please allow a minimum 1-2 business days for photocopying requests, and allow for longer due dates for more complicated requests.

Also, please, submit a separate form for each request. If there is a file that accompanies this request, please attach at bottom of form where prompted.

An asterisk denotes a required field

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  • Please choose which area your requests relates to.
  • What type of work do you need help with?
  • If you require photocopying, please provide the following information. The number of copies requested, format/staple options, and the number of pages in the original document. Ex: I need 40 copies, double-sided and stapled from the original 3 page document. (If original document is double sided, please count each side as a page. We'll check to make sure you get the pages you need, and not just half of them.)
  • Please fill in if you have a Research Project Assistance request, a request that falls under the category of "Other," or if you need to provide further details to help us facilitate this request.
  • You may attach more than one document. You can drag and drop to attach or use the "Select Files" feature. (at times Firefox has compatibility issues and will not allow you to drag and drop)
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