Academic Resources


On this page, you can access our resources for both Q and W courses and find our workshops and handouts which have been created or compiled by our staff for use in our sessions and workshops.

Resources for Final Exams

Check out some advice and tips on how to tackle finals week, written by our APAC tutors!

Finals Week Tips

General Study Tips

Final Exam Study Tips

Research Project Quick Start

On Writing the Final Paper

Resources for Remote Learning

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Academic Center made following resources about distance learning available to students and faculty. They include technology resources, study tips, and more!


Keep Learning – Help for Students Transitioning to Online Learning

Resources for W courses

Our staff has created a number of worksheets and handouts for our workshops and tutoring sessions, click the links below to access them as .pdf files.


One of our favorite outside sources we recommend to students for all writing help is Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab. It provides concise information related to all things writing, including sentence structure, grammar and punctuation, MLA and APA citation styles, and much more.

Click this link to check it out: Purdue OWL

Resources for Q courses

One of our favorite outside sources we recommend to students for Science and Math help is Khan Academy. It provides lessons and practice for many different subjects, from algebra and calculus to statistics and chemistry, and much more. We have also linked a number of useful, free to use online tools

Click this link to check it out: Khan Academy

Interactive periodic table: 

A number of tools, namely a “calculator” (Enter it into the search bar):

Graphing Calculator:
Unit Conversion Calculator:

Guide to lab reports and technical writing: Writing for STEM





Resources for Time Management

The Academic Achievement Center is an excellent resource for students who struggle to meet deadlines or to organize their priorities effectively. The resources included in the link below include worksheets and handouts on effective note-taking in class, study methods, and blank calendar and planner templates, plus so much more!

Visit the Academic Achievement Center’s Resources page!




Academic Integrity

UConn students’ first resource in understanding the university’s policies on plagiarism and academic integrity is the UConn code of conduct.