Final Exam Study Tips

by Alex S.

The thought of final exams approaching at the end of a semester can be quite daunting. Many students are conflicted with what they should study for, when and how they should study.

My advice to these students would be to review their academic calendar that lists all of the dates of the final exams. I would highly recommend looking at this calendar two weeks before the week of final exams. The earlier one starts studying, the better.

After looking at their schedule, the student can determine which exam they need to study for first. Of course, not all exams have the same level of difficulty as others, therefore I would suggest studying more in advance for the exams that seem to be the most challenging.

The student should not study for hours each day if they start studying weeks in advance. They should set aside 20-30 minutes each day for a particular subject and take various breaks to stretch, eat, and drink water when switching to other subjects.

When it comes to studying for subjects like math, it would be a good idea to practice problems from old homework, quizzes, or even past exams to refresh your muscle memory. If a student needs to study for a subject that requires a lot of term memorization, I encourage the student to make physical flash cards and have a friend or classmate quiz them on the terms or use an electronic study source such as Quizlet.

Finally, I would always encourage the student to schedule an appointment at the Avery Point Academic Center where tutors are ready to help out in various subjects.