Meet Our Staff!

Academic Center Staff


My name is Bobby Dolan and I am the Q course coordinator at the Academic Center. I started as an Assistant Professor in Residence at Avery Point in 2020. My research interests are in numerical algorithms for fluid-fluid interaction and math education. I love showing students how math can be applied to the real world!




Dennis GagneDennis

Dennis, 2018 BGS degree at Avery Point.  I’m a volunteer tutor and academic specialist in the APAC.  Recently I’ve taken on the task of assisting students by coordinating the UConn Connects mentoring program.  Always ready to help out tutors as well.






Hi, my name is Destiny. I’m a Junior Biology Major on the Pre-PA track. I tutor mostly math and science subjects. Two fun facts about me are that my favorite subject is Organic Chemistry and I am an EMT! Can’t wait to meet some new people this year!






Hey, This is Devan . I am a sophomore majoring in Marine Sciences. My strong subjects for tutoring are Chem I&II. I am on the Avery Point Basketball Team and hope to meet some new faces, even with masks on, at the Academic Center this year.






Hi, my name is Erin! I’m a Psychology and English major and I’m planning to minor in Classics. I usually tutor everything from Psychology to Writing. I absolutely love listening to podcasts, writing, and drawing in my free time. I can’t wait to meet you all!






Hi, I’m Lila . I am a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering. I tutor most of the Q subjects, including different math classes, chemistry, biology, and physics. My interests are listening to music, practicing my instrument (I play bass guitar), watching movies, and reading.






Hi, My name is Manny I’m an intended major in accounting. I’m a desker and I like soccer, tv and movies





Jacob CuevasJacob

Hello, I’m Jacob, I’m an Avery Point alumni with a degree in Maritime Studies, and am serving as one of the Academic Specialist at the APAC . Beyond handling a lot of the behind the scenes aspect of our center, I am really interested in pursuing creative projects that can help our tutors develop new skills and academic assets. As a tutor I specialize in Econ, stats, bio and just about anything Mast.




Julie D

My name is Julie, but you can call me JD! I am a recent UConn graduate and one of the Academic Specialists. I also tutor for various writing and chemistry courses, though I specialize in time management and science writing! My hobbies include creative writing, bullet journaling, and hanging out with my cat.





Katelyn LampreyKatelyn

Hey everyone, my name is Katelyn! I’m a Sophomore English Major at Avery Point and I tutor Writing, COMM 1100, SOCI 1001, DRAM 1101, HIST 1502, BIOL 1102, ENGL 2600, PHIL 1104 and ENGL 2276W. In my free time, I love watching films, writing both creatively/academically, and yes, anime is still my jam.





I’m the writing coordinator for the Avery Point campus, so you can come talk to me about First-Year Writing, W courses, and creative writing. I’m an Associate Professor of English, specializing in American Literature, Popular Culture, and Writing Program Administration. I like to write about detective fiction, science fiction, and utopia.





I’m the Academic Center manager and I’ve been teaching English at Avery Point since 2011. At the Academic Center, I’m especially interested in the ways that tutoring supports students in their academic work and beyond, and helps Avery Point students transition into college life. My research interests are in tutoring centers, Irish and American literature, gender studies, and music, and I’ve taught American, British, and Irish literature, first year writing, and other courses here at Avery Point and at Three Rivers Community College, the Coast Guard Academy, and Boston College. Off campus, I’m into running, hiking, and keeping up with my kid.



Reva BourassaReva

Hello all! My name is Reva , and I am a sophomore majoring in history and minoring in political science. I tutor mainly history, political science, and writing classes here at the APAC, but I also tutor PHIL 1106, STAT 1100Q, ANTH 1500, and PSYC 1100 as well. In my free time I enjoy creative writing and baking. I am excited to work with all of you this year!





Hi! My name is Sara and I’m a biology major (pre-med track) at UConn as a second-year student. At the APAC, I assist students with their writing in subjects such as English, History, Biology, and WGSS. I love listening to rock music, talking about politics, and rewatching Gilmore Girls pretty much every month. Be sure to stop by at the Academic Center, and cheers to a great school year! :’)




Sarah SheaSarah S

My name is Sarah and I am an Academic Specialist. I graduated from Avery Point in 2017 and I’ve most recently gotten my Master’s degree in English from NYU. In addition to teaching English 1010 at UConn, I also teach at Three Rivers Community College. I love reading (I have a weakness for Young Adult literature), writing (academically and creatively), photography, and painting.





Hey there! I am Sakshee , a sophomore, majoring in Accounting and minoring in Mathematics. My strong subject when tutoring is any level of Math below Calculus II. I love meeting new people, learning and sharing knowledge so be sure to stop by if you need any academic help:)






Hello, my name is Santiago. I’m a Ecology and Evolutionary Bio (EEB) major. I tutor Spanish, Biology, Chemistry and Math. I’m a huge Star Wars and Marvel fan, and I watch soccer and play guitar in my free time. Waiting eagerly to meet all of you!






Hi! I’m Stefan and my major is Molecular and Cell Biology. I tutor math, chemistry and biology. When I’m not studying I like to hike, bike, or run.