Finals Week Tips

by Katelyn

If there is any especially challenging week in college, finals week would be the one. Writing final essays, completing cumulative exams, and doing final projects can be difficult and stressful. Nonetheless, you are not alone! Here are some tips that I’ve found helpful while studying for finals.

Organize your syllabi. Put reminders in your phone or have a calendar on hand to remember important dates. When you know your due date, you can give yourself ample time to prepare. It’s also important to know what content this assignment will cover.

Schedule your study time. In my first semester, I often stared at the screen for hours, attempting to create something without much preparation or many ideas. I found that endless studying without a plan did not motivate or inspire me, but made me feel directionless. Planning out my study time made me feel more organized and motivated. This is where the Avery Point Academic Center can come in. Scheduling an online (synchronous) or E-Tutoring (asynchronous) appointment with a tutor can help you with your time management and study goals, especially for an exam.

Find incentives for studying. It is great to have a reward in mind to keep you inspired to study, but make sure that goal is a healthy and reasonable one. Do not deprive yourself of necessities like food, water, and sleep. A healthy goal would be to finish a chapter or section, and then do something fun; something to rejuvenate you and make sure you are connecting with your inner sense of self in between this strenuous work. For example, reading that book you’ve been wanting to read, or catching up on a new season of your favorite show. Taking time to relax in between studying is important!

Lastly, connect with others in your class and the UConn community. It can be nerve-wracking to reach out to others around you, especially in online classes. Throughout my first semester, I wasn’t used to being online, and I wasn’t sure I would even make friends. But I have found a community within UConn, and it’s still growing too. Connecting with people around me has helped my work, my motivation and my soul. Create study groups and group chats. Text your friends after a long day at class and talk with them.

Studying for finals can be scary, but organizing your ideas, taking time for yourself and interacting with friends is rewarding. You will make it through these times and shine. Remember: the Avery Point Academic Center is here for you!